International Conference on Higher Education and Sustainable Development

The impact of universities in regional developments has been continuously increasing and gaining a critical role to move societies forward. This role is multifaceted, encompassing education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. By leveraging their intellectual and physical resources, universities contribute significantly to the holistic development of the regions they are situated in.

In the contemporary landscape, the competitiveness of regions is significantly influenced by globalization and various underlying processes shaping regional structures. Consequently, these dynamics demand careful consideration. In the global arena, intangible assets such as knowledge and social capital have emerged as pivotal elements and drivers of economic development. Numerous studies underscore knowledge as a critical factor in both global and regional advancement. As knowledge assumes the role of the primary production asset, it stands as a novel engine for economic development, necessitating a reevaluation of the roles played by knowledge, innovation, technology, and learning.

This imperative is further underscored by the fact that the presence of innovation is fundamental in determining the competitiveness of regions, emphasizing the continuous need for innovative practices to maintain a competitive edge. Notably, the competitive advantage of developed economies hinges significantly on their capacity to create and leverage knowledge.

International Conference on Higher Education and Sustainable Development (ICHESD2024), titled: Fourth Generation Universities and their Impact on Regional Development, cognizant of these challenges, aims to explore the opportunities and challenges of fourth-generation universities in the fields of higher education, scientific research, innovation, AI revolution, regional development and entrepreneurship and search for the potential contributions of universities through active engagement to sustainable development and to bolster regional competitiveness.

The conference places a specific focus on defining and modeling “Fourth Generation” Universities and examines their roles and connections with regional development.
The overarching goal of the conference is to assemble prominent academics, researchers, and experts in higher education, economics, technology, health, and innovation. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and research findings related to higher education and sustainable regional development. The interdisciplinary nature of the conference provides a platform for researchers to present and discuss concerns, challenges, and solutions pertaining to the nexus of universities and regional development.

You can submit your abstract/research paper for presentation at ICHESD2024 at this link.