New study shows that Mario Kart is the most stressful game to play

new study has found that Mario Kart is the game that makes your heart work harder compared to other games.

While you control Bowser or Princess Peach racing around the Koopa Troopa Beach, your heart rate increases by 32.81% while playing the game over a period of half an hour, apparently. The study tested extremely popular games to determine which of them was the most exhausting to play.

Gamers began testing by playing games like Skyrim, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Grand Theft Auto , and more. Researchers used heart rate monitors to test the players’ reactions and found that Mario Kart raised heart rates by an average of 21 beats per minute. This pushed the average resting heart rate from 64 beats per minute to 85 beats per minute.

Other games that made the top five behind everyone’s favorite Italian plumber included FIFA (up 31%), Call of Duty Modern Warfare (up 30%), Dark Souls III (up 28%) and Fortnite (27%) . increases). For example, a 30% increase in heart rate can be compared to a brisk walk.

Fintan Costello , Managing Director at BonusFinder , who conducted the study, said: ” If you’re looking for a timeless classic, Mario Kart remains a fan favorite after three decades .”

What the study highlights is quite remarkable, despite all the newcomers with improved graphics and increased expenses, the old Nintendo formula is still irresistible to gamers and nothing can replace the risk of a red shell in the last lap of a race .”

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