The first GTA 6 trailer has just been released

Rockstar Games has just released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 – earlier than awaited – officially revealing the next update after many years of waiting. GTA 6 is the first new Grand Theft Auto game in over a decade, and expectations are high – GTA 6’s predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 5, has sold more than 190 million copies since its debut in 2013.

The debut trailer of GTA 6 has in the background the song “Love Is A Long Road” t Tom Pettyt and shows his dual protagonists Jason and Lucia chasing a different style of the American Dream in Vice City – the Grand Theft Auto version of Miami, Florida – and places others. Vice City is a familiar place for GTA fans, but it looks radically different in GTA 6; this time, players will carry out robberies and kidnappings in a style that suits modern times.

The new Grand Theft Auto is definitely contemporary; the trailer also shows videos on social networks such as TikTok and Instagram Live, but it is unclear how these elements will work in the game. Rockstar shows plenty of mayhem everywhere on the streets and in various locations, including footage from news broadcasts, security camera footage, and police body cam footage. The roads and beaches are dense with NPC and wildlife is also present – ​​we see flamingos, alligators, dogs, pensioners in thong

The locations are also different – ​​aside from downtown Vice City during the day and night, we see what appears to be version 6 of Everglades and Key West in GTA 6.

In addition to the first official gameplay footage, the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 also includes a launch date for the game: 2025. In an announcement, the company Take-Two Interactive confirmed that GTA 6 will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X A PC version has not been confirmed.

Rockstar originally planned to release the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 on Tuesday, but footage of the trailer was leaked earlier, which prompted its early publication. GTA 6 will be the first GTA game that Sam Houser presents without his brother and Rockstar co-founder, Dan Houser. Dan often wrote the scripts for Rockstar games as well as producing them, and he has a writing credit on every GTA since 1999’s GTA: London 1969 and GTA 2. He left Rockstar in March 2020.

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