Are you ready for Tech Academy’s Java Full Stack Bootcamp?!

Java Full Stack Bootcamp organized by Tech Academy by WBU is an intensive specialized training, with a special focus on practice, which introduces you to various aspects and components of Java programming.

The goal of the program is to create a group of enthusiastic and motivated developers whose goal is not only to complete a programming course but to gain a profession.

For students passionate about programming and technology who are interested in being part of this project, Tech Academy by WBU will offer up to 100% scholarships and employment opportunities!

Why Java?
Java is a high-level programming language, which is used by almost every company that operates in the field of Software Engineering. 97% of local companies use JAVA on a daily basis. This makes it one of the most used and preferred programing languages of the moment.

Java opens the doors to a large number of employment opportunities, in Albania and beyond. With Java programming knowledge you can develop server-side applications, J2EE web and enterprise applications, and you can also focus on Android mobile application development.

What else does this bootcamp organized by Tech Academy by WBU offer?
Opportunity to become a successful programmer with guaranteed employment. If you are interested in the scholarship and employment program, write to us at [email protected]!

Why should you choose this bootcamp?

  • Program based on the current requirements of the labor market in Albania and abroad.
  • Intensive training conducted in classrooms with our instructors, with continuous interaction opportunities to clarify any of your uncertainties.
  • Training based on real projects followed step by step by instructors with experience in this field and very good knowledge of the labor market.
  • Through the support of the instructors, you will create your projects that will enrich your portfolio for every job application.
  • Continuous meetings with programmers from the market
  • At the end of the course you are provided with a certificate.
  • Real internship and employment opportunities at the end of the bootcamp

Bootcamp starts on October 9, 2023, at Western Balkans University in Tirana.

Full Stack Java Developer Bootcamp Curriculum

Duration: 12 weeks Full-Time

Week 1: Introduction to Java Programming
Monday: Introduction to Java and Environment Setup (4 hours)

Wednesday: Variables, Data Types, and Operators (4 hours)

Thursday: Control Structures and Loops (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 2: Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Monday: Classes and Objects (4 hours)

Wednesday: Inheritance and Polymorphism (4 hours)

Thursday: Abstraction and Interfaces (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 3: Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

Monday: Introduction to Databases and SQL (4 hours)

Wednesday: Setting up a Database and JDBC (4 hours)

Thursday: CRUD Operations with JDBC (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 4: Web Development with Java and Servlets

Monday: Introduction to Web Development and Servlets (4 hours)

Wednesday: Handling HTTP Requests and Responses (4 hours)

Thursday: Session Management and Cookies (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 5: Spring Framework

Monday: Introduction to Spring Framework and Dependency Injection (4 hours)

Wednesday: Configuring Spring with Annotations and XML (4 hours)

Thursday: Spring Beans and Core Concepts (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 6: Hibernate and Database Integration
Monday: Introduction to Hibernate and Object-Relational Mapping (4 hours)

Wednesday: Hibernate Configuration and Session Management (4 hours)

Thursday: Entity Mapping and CRUD Operations with Hibernate (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 7: Front-End Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Monday: HTML Fundamentals and Semantic Markup (4 hours)
Wednesday: CSS Styling and Layouts (4 hours)

Thursday: JavaScript Basics and DOM Manipulation (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 8: React and Front-End Frameworks

Monday: Introduction to React and Component Development (4 hours)

Wednesday: State Management and Redux (4 hours)

Thursday: React Router and Handling API Requests (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 9: Full-Stack Development with Spring Boot and React
Monday: Integrating React with Spring Boot (4 hours)

Wednesday: Building RESTful APIs with Spring Boot (4 hours)

Thursday: Authentication and Authorization (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 10: Testing and Deployment
Monday: Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito (4 hours)

Wednesday: Integration Testing and Test Automation (4 hours)

Thursday: Continuous Integration and Deployment (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Week 11-12: Final Project and Capstone

Monday: Final Project Development (4 hours)
Wednesday: Practice, Project Discussion, and Final Touches (4 hours)

Thursday: Practice, Project Discussion, and Final Touches (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

Instructor: Bledar Hasa

Fee: 1999 euro


Tech Academy by WBU is a project of Western Balkans University.