Meta AI on WhatsApp may soon be able to reply and edit photos sent by users. Here’s how it will work

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new update which will allow Meta AI to reply to photos sent by users and edit them. The new feature was spotted by WABetainfo in the WhatsApp Beta version and is likely to incorporated soon into the stable build.

The report states that WhatsApp is testing the implementation of a new chat button which will allow users to share their pictures directly with Meta AI. After sending the images to Meta AI, users will be able to ask the chatbot to identify a particular object or provide context. Moreover, users will also be able to ask Meta AI to make changes to an image via a text prompt.

The screenshot shared by WABetainfo also reveals that WhatsApp could state that it will provide full control to users over their pictures since they would be allowed to delete them at any time.

Meanwhile, an earlier WABetainfo report had suggested that WhatsApp is working on a feature to alllow users to get AI generated images of themselves by sharing their photos with Meta AI.

Meta AI will reportedly ask users to send a single set of photos which it will then analyze to ensure that the created images accurately represent the appearance of users. Users will also have the option to delete their setup images at any time by visiting Meta AI settings.

The AI generator will reportedly kick in once users enter the prompt ‘Imagine me’ in the Meta AI conversation. Users will also get the opportunity to evoke this feature in other conversations by typing ‘@Meta AI imagine me’. Moreover, Meta AI will not be able to read other messages in the conversation and the resulting image will be processed automatically.

However, the new feature is likely to be optional and would require users to opt in before they can start using it.