AI and historic money printing will create ‘most epic’ bull market for Crypto

BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes says two key catalysts will spark an “epic” bull market for the digital assets industry.
In a new interview with Crypto Banter, Hayes says that the commercialization of artificial intelligence (AI) and historic money printing by the Federal Reserve will lead to a massive bull run for crypto assets.
“So I had this thesis I presented at Token2049 called ‘double happiness,’ and it was about the bull market that we’re about to experience – that we’re on the cusp of – and it’s a combination of the most amount of money ever printed in human history in a two to three year period and the commercialization of AI and how that relates to crypto as the most transformative technological development that’s ever happened in human history.
These two things combined are going to produce the most epic bull market in crypto and just about everything else that’s sort of a risky asset around the world.”
According to Hayes, economic powerhouses such as the US, Europe and China are going to be issuing “ridiculous” amounts of debt, which will work in favor of digital assets.
“I did the research into how much debt is actually going to be issued by the US, China, Europe and Japan, and it surprised me to the upside.
It’s just so ridiculous how much money is going to be printed over the next two to three years while the central banks try to save the government bond markets that I guess I’m just so bullish on Bitcoin, crypto, certain stocks [and] so bearish on fiat just because there’s going to be umpteenth more trillions of dollars of it.”